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Mobile Banking

Access your account anytime, anywhere!

Mobile Banking Features

  • Check your balance
  • Reorder personalized checks
  • Deposit checks
  • Transfer money
  • Pay bills
  • View your statements

How to download the App

Go to the App store or the Playstore and search First National Bank Hamilton to download the First National Bank app for iPhone, iPad, or Android. You must first have Online Banking in order to utilize mobile banking.

What is Mobile Check Deposit?*

The Mobile Check Deposit Service allows you to deposit checks directly into your account from your mobile device using our First National Bank mobile application.

How to use Mobile Check Deposit

Simply go to the Mobile Deposit enrollment on the mobile banking toolbar. Endorse the back of the check "for FNB mobile deposit only" and then launch 'Deposit Check' in mobile banking so that you can take a picture of the front and back of the check.

Touch ID/Face ID

Touch Authentication and Face Authentication allows you to log into your online banking without typing in your username and password.

How do you enable/disable TouchID/FaceID on your Apple device?

Please follow these steps:

  1. On your phone settings go to 'Touch ID' or 'Face ID' and toggle the phone unlock.
  2. Log into the mobile banking app.
  3. Tap on 'Settings' > 'Security Preferences'
  4. Toggle the Touch ID or Face ID details and click 'Continue'
  5. Enter Login ID and Password. Select 'Authorize'
  6. Place finger or thumb used for your device on the 'home' button. The Touch ID or Face ID button should now display 'On' and is now enabled for future use.

How do you enable/disable touchID on your Android device?

Please follow these steps:

  1. Go to phone settings, then open lock screen and security
  2. Open Fingerprints and it will ask you to either enter or set up a pin or a password
  3. Touch add fingerprint and follow the prompts
App set up:
  1. Open FNB App
  2. Touch fingerprint and then it will ask you to sign in and touch authorization to use fingerprint
  3. Next time you open the App it should prompt you to use your fingerprint

Your Android phone must have touch ID in order to utilize this feature.

Text Message Banking

To enroll, on the app, select "Menu", "Services", and "Text Enrollment". Select 'Agree to Terms', add your cell number, and select "Save". Select the command below that you would like to utilize and text the abbreviation to the number - 226563


BAL - account balances
HIST - account history
XFER - transfer funds from one account to another. Enter full amount using dollars, decimals, and cents.
HELP - website address and phone number
STOP - disable text banking for the enrolled mobile device 
LIST - list of available commands

Help & Support

For help, send HELP to 226563. To cancel, text STOP to 226563 at any time. For support, visit or call (205) 921-5252 for Customer Service.

Transfer Funds*

Online Banking enables you to transfer funds between your own FNB accounts quickly and easily. On your computer, tablet, or smart phone select 'Transactions' then 'Funds Transfer' to begin the simple process of making a transfer.

Bill Pay*

Online bill payment with FNB allows you to stay on top of your monthly finances with the utmost ease and turn-key account from a computer or smart device. Simply on your computer or smart device, log into your mobile banking or online banking then select 'Transactions', then 'Bill Pay' to begin the process.

*Must have had an account for at least 90 days to access this feature.


Give us a call or visit any of our convenient locations to speak with an FNB representative.

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