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Cash Management Services


Cash Management puts businesses in control of their finances and helps them become more competitive.

  • Want to know your current balance each day at 7 am?
  • Need to know a deposit has cleared before you write a check?
  • Prefer to earn as much interest as possible before you transfer funds?
  • Want to make smarter financial decisions?

With Cash Management, you get the most accurate picture of your cash position possible, whenever you need it. This convenient, private, 24-hour service also lets your transmit requests directly to us right from your computer. Make tax and loan payments, issue wire transfers, order currency and much more. Call us today to put Cash Management to work for you!

ACH Origination puts you in control of your money. With ACH, you can move money, pay employees, and collect bills electronically, all with a few keystrokes. In addition, the service helps cut your costs, while providing additional benefits for both employees and customers.

When you become an ACH Originator, you reduce your cost for processing paychecks, invoices, and collections as well as for making wire transfers.

For more information on how this service can help you, contact Operations at (205) 921-5252.