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Business Analysis Checking

Minimum Opening Balance $500.00

Business Analysis Features

Business checking account fees are determined by the balance and activity of each individual account. If you maintain balances that offset your account's activity cost you account may never incur a service charge.

An earnings rate is calculated monthly based on the 90 day Treasury Bill Rate for the most recent 30-day period. This rate is applied to your account's "Balance Available for Investment" which is the average positive collected funds less 10% of that balance. The result is your earnings credit. If an average negative collected balance occurs the rate of prime plus 2% will be charged along with the following activity charges:

Minimum Opening Balance
Each check paid.13
Each ACH Debit.05
Each Deposit Posted.25
Each ACH Credit.05
Each on US Deposited Item.02
Each Foreign Deposited Item.05
No service charge is made to the account
during the month unless the earnings credit 
is insufficient to cover the cost.

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