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Here at First National Bank, we are proud to be a “hometown” bank. We believe that hometown banking is the most responsive to the needs of our customers and community we serve. Decisions are made locally whether it’s a credit or deposit matter. We bridge the gap for a lot of people in our community and our community itself.

Whether you are in the bank, on the phone, or visiting our web site, you will find knowledgeable and courteous professionals ready to help you with all your banking needs. So come on in and see why First National Bank is the hometown bank for you!

Phishing Alert

Phishing involves criminals sending individuals a seemingly legitmate email request for account information, often under the guise of asking the customer to verify or reconfirm confidential personal information such as account number, card number, social security number, password, and other sensitive information.

We will never request this type of information via email.

Keep all confidential information secure.
Never provide this type of information via email.